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Posted - 2024-03-21

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Patient name: Mrs. K

Initial Condition:
Mrs. K is a 71 year old female admitted with essential hypertension and non-traumatic intracerebral hemorrhage resulting in right-sided hemiparesis that she sustained while out of state . She was transferred from a major Boston hospital to John Scott House and assessed to have deficits in memory and word finding, inability to transfer, ambulate or complete activities of daily living (ADLS), and requiring maximum assistance of 2 persons. Prior to her hospitalization, Mrs. K was living alone independently in Florida. Her family lives in Massachusetts. 

SNF Course of Stay:
During her stay, Mrs. K received nursing and medical care for medical stabilization including work up and interventions for new Parkinsons symptoms, and rehabilitation therapies to address left upper and lower extremity pain and mobility, and word finding and memory deficits. A custom orthotic was molded to increase her ability to ambulate safely and provide support to her weaker affected side. Mrs. K participated in physical, occupational and speech language therapy to increase her functional status and to resume her previous activities of daily living as much as possible.  She received extensive social services support to work with her and her family to identify an appropriate living arrangement post-discharge.

Outcome and Discharge:
Due to the severity of her deficits and need for a new living situation, Mrs. K spent  several months at John Scott House. She made significant progress and was able to access additional insurance through her military benefits. Her naming, problem solving, memory and fluency all improved.  At the time of her discharge, Mrs. K was transferring and ambulating with contact guard/stand by assistance up to 175 ft with a rolling walker for assistance, and also using a manual wheelchair which she was able to self-propel.

Mrs. K was ultimately able to discharge to an assisted living facility in Florida with aide and caregiver support.  She continued with physical and occupational therapy services arranged through an out of state agency to further improve her functional independence and quality of life.


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