Posted - 2022-11-02

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October 26, 2022 –  Bay Path Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has been named Advisory Business Partner of the Year by Silver Lake Regional High School during a recent Career & Technical Education Program Advisory Committee Meeting and dinner at Silver Lake. All the Career and Technical Education Program training sites offered by the school were represented at the event, including auto body, culinary, sheet metal, horticulture, allied health, and more.

As noted on the plaque that Silver Lake presented to Bay Path: “Silver Lake is grateful for the partnership of Bay Path as a valued member of the Allied Health Advisory Committee. Their commitment to provide students with quality clinical experience during some very challenging years took determination and flexibility that serves as a tremendous professional example for our students. Silver Lake Allied Health students are choosing to pursue a wide variety of medical career paths and post-secondary programs – but all our students who earn their CNA served their first hours with patients at Bay Path”.

Bay Path hosts clinical rotations for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) students and currently have four students employed. A certified nursing assistant is an integral part of the healthcare team and helps patients with direct health care needs, often under the supervision of a nurse. CNAs work directly with patients and nurses, helping with the many physical and complex tasks for patient care. 

“All of the credit goes to Julie Francoeur (Director of Nursing Services at Bay Path) – she has done a fantastic job working with Silver Lake.  As part of the awards presentation, they emphasized Julie’s commitment to them during COVID and how invaluable that real world experience was to their students, “Kristen Reilly McHugh, executive director of Bay Path stated. “Neither Julie nor I knew Bay Path would be receiving this award. It was quite an honor.”

In addition to serving as a clinical site to students, Bay Path offers their own CNA training program and is currently accepting applicants. This free training program is open to the public and is offered to any person interested in pursuing a career in healthcare as a CNA. The class takes places over several weeks and offers both in-person and remote training. To learn more, visit


PHOTO: Bay Path’s Executive Director Kristen Reilly McHugh (left) with Director of Nursing Services, Julie Francoeur (right)


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