A Note to the Families and Friends of our Residents

Posted - 2020-03-16

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March 16, 2020

To the Families and Friends of our Residents:

Heart wrenching.

There is no other way to describe the restrictions we have had to put on visitation in our skilled nursing centers. I hope it is obvious to all of you that this decision has been as challenging for us to make as it is for you to be a part of. For me personally, it has special significance as my own mother-in-law is a cognitively impaired, long-term resident at a nursing home in Chicago, and my wife and her sisters (who live close by) are unable to visit with her other than via FaceTime, Skype or other such video conferencing.

These are impossibly challenging times for all of us, and I wanted to let you know that everyone in our organization, starting with our incredible facility staff all the way down to our executive leadership, is focused on doing the right thing for our residents and the dedicated caregivers who are on the frontline providing the very best compassionate care possible. The situation around us is fluid and changes every day, in fact sometime every hour. We should all expect that things will get even tougher over the next few weeks, as the way this virus is spreading, none of us will be spared from some level of impact.

We have put measures into place to screen staff and anyone else who does come into our buildings, and when (not if) we have someone who contracts the virus, we are well equipped to treat those affected safely and appropriately. Caring for frail and sometimes sick patients is what we do, and we are relying on our existing and now enhanced infection control policies and procedures to guide us. We are in very close contact with industry and Department of Public Health leaders to inform us and guide our policies and practices, and as situations develop, we will react quickly, safety and with the very best interest of our residents, their families and our staff who care for them.

Yes, these times are testing, and we will continue to reach out with information that is important for you to have. For now, please know that we feel your pain and we are as a team, and as a family, doing everything within our power, 24/7 to do our job to care for our residents. Your family members. Thank you for your support and your own safe health practices. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Executive Director, Director of Nurses, Nurse Managers, or anyone at Bane Care. We are here to help you help us.


Richard C. Bane



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